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Quality by Units

There is agreement among stakeholders from different VET systems that the focus on learning outcomes can help to improve the quality of education. Nevertheless, how these learning outcomes are used in vocational education, how competence oriented examinations should be designed and how an appropriate assessment of the results can be made, were still mostly unanswered questions. For this reason, in the project "Quality by Units" partners from countries with different VET systems analyzed the implementation practice of ECVET and elaborated quality standards for improving the quality of education. The focus lies upon the qualification/ working area "Mechatronics".

In a first step, common key activities of the working area were identified in the partner countries France, Poland and UK based on the experiences made in Germany and Austria with the VQTS-matrix "Mechatronics".

In a second step, a common analysis was developed in order to ease communication across the participating countries. It served to show similarities and differences between the different VET systems. Country reports were prepared that contained specific information on applied learning outcome approaches and competence assessment procedures within the VET systems. The experiences of the German project EDGE were used to develop common qualitystandards for the definition of learning outcomes and competence assessment procedures.

In a third step, a validation phase in Austria, Germany, France, Poland and UK showed how these standards were discussed with different stakeholders of the VET systems in each testing country. The aim is to analyze country-specific findings in order to come to overall guidelines for the countries involved in the project. The experiences were published to give an idea how higher quality in VET processes can be applied by using learning outcomes and competence based assessment procedures.


Project Runtime
1st October 2012 – 30th September 2014


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The project was supported by the European Community within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. This does not imply that the project reflects the opinions of the European Commission, nor does the European Commission bear any responsibility for its content.

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